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Welcome to Mile High Multisport, LLC (MHM). Founded in 2004 by Peter and Kathy Alfino of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Our goal and philosophy is to deliver superior triathlon coaching services  and training plans to multisport athletes regardless of age or ability. Our 50+ years of triathlon/multisport racing includes marathons, duathlons, mountain bikes, Xterra, sprint, olympic, half Ironman and Ironman finishes. Our staff has successfully coached beginner triathletes to completion of their first races, Amateur Elite athletes who have raced at the Triathlon World Championships (including podium finishers) and Pros. These experiences have given us a breadth of hands on knowledge to share with our athletes. As working parents of two active children, we realize that “HOW YOU TRAIN MAKES THE DIFFERENCE”.

We understand that hiring a coach is a difficult decision for many athletes.  Why select MHM over other coaching services? We have carefully selected a group of coaches that are USAT certified and have years of successful racing and coaching experience. Coaching is more than just putting together an annual training plan. Our coaches develop their clients to become better athletes. The ability to listen, be available, be flexible, provide emotional support and tap hidden talents separates coaches in our sport. At Mile High Multisport, we pride ourselves on the interaction and individual attention we give all our athletes. In 2012 we joined forces with TriBella Multisport to expand our women’s training group and had 80 women participate the first year.  In 2013 we will continue to grow and develop this area of our business. For more information go to  TriBella/Mile High Multisport Women’s training group.  Contact Pete Alfino for more information.

This is not a complicated sport and you do not have to compromise all your personal time in order to compete. Our annual training plans take into consideration your abilities in relation to your goals and life commitments. Along the way, we assist you with Race Preparation and Strategy; Strength Training; Heart Rate Analysis; Power Meter Analysis; Video Analysis; Nutritional advice and strategy; your Mental approach to training and racing; and balancing family, work, and hobby.

Visit our athlete’s results and testimonials section and read about the quality of services we provide and the relationships we build with our customers. Once you are done reviewing the pages contact us to schedule an introductory appointment with one of our coaches.

The Alfino family at the Ironman World Championships 2010.

This sport doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. Our training plans are easy to follow and have successfully guided both novice and experienced triathletes from Sprint to Ironman distance events. Contact us today to find out how Mile High Multisport, LLC can assist you in achieving your multi-sport goals.

Interested in Open Water Swimming? Mile High Multisport is the only coaching service in Colorado which has an exclusive contract for use of a private lake.  Click on the open water swim link for more information.

“Belief is the knowledge that we can do something. It’s the inner feeling that what we undertake, we can accomplish. For the most part, all of us have the ability to look at something and know whether or not we can do it. So, in belief there is power: our eyes are opened; our opportunities become plain; our visions become realities.”
— Richard Devos

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